Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Did you know that I can cook?

I've been super busy for several months with my crafting business and other family related health issues. I've been cooking for my parents and my family for a year and a half. In that time, I've tried tons of recipes, many from Pinterest (you must try this obsession of mine! If you love recipes... this is the place!). Now I have been married over 17 years, and to look at my husband and I you would know that I do know how to cook. What I plan to do with this portion of my blog is share with my two daughters. They are my main goal. They are my audience. You, I'm happy to say, are unintended benefits!

However, if you don't agree with my food choice, how "frugal" my option is, or the lack of variety of meals. Sorry. This blog is REAL. REAL!! This is what my family eats! This is our food. We are meat and potatoes people. Chicken is cheap, so we eat it a lot!

Leftovers. We hate them too, but we learned to eat them after thinking about some of the packaged products at the store. Rotisserie chickens...leftover from being cooked at a previous time, if you are lucky, earlier that day. Sliced chicken in the sandwich meat section...leftover. We don't eat our leftovers several days later, it is usually the next day. This is out of necessity and because it is fresher that way. Of course, I would love to cook fresh every single day, but with family obligations and health issues, I can't. So, I make enough for 2 meals. This could be a complete repeat meal, well, ok, usually it is a repeat meal. But sometimes I do re-work the foods into a new dish. But we love grilled chicken. Having it the second day is not an issue for us at all! Even having it 3 days!

I will also share how I plan my monthly menu. How I cut grocery costs to feed a family of 6 for less than $250. Hint #1 is PLANNING and sticking to your list!  I will explain how you can "earn" a FREE MONTH of food each year by following simple guidelines! YES!! A WHOLE MONTH OF FOOD FREE! This is always really helpful in January, when the Christmas bills are being paid.

It is my hope that preparing this blog of recipes will help my girls know more than I did when I left home.

I hope my girls will never have to be frugal. BUT I hope they will be, no matter how much money they have. I am frugal with some things others are not optional (for ex. diet Dr. Pepper), but again, if you are not happy with the level of my frugality, then you make better choices. For us, this works! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Now, put on your feed bag, ask the Lord to your food, and chow down!

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